Ellen had a dance dare a few years ago, and we LOVED the concept! People dancing behind other people with out them knowing! Let’s face it, it’s tough to be grumpy AND dance! Anytime I dance, it always makes me smile! LOVE dancing people! This is particularly cute!

You know us! We love to watch people dance! This unsuspecting Zumba instructor (Rachel, one of our Free To Dream Team Members … actually, the very first time I ever met her!) showed up to a Christmas Party and decided to do some Zumba with us! Of course, I was […]

Jamie fell in love with this kid, because he has the same dream as Jamie ……. to make the world happy! This is a bit long, but, worth watching till the end! So cute, fun, and very heart warming!



Around here, since Amy is a Zumba instructor, we do love our Zumba! It’s just fun, and invites everyone to move in a way that they wouldn’t normally move! So, we do love Zumba! This guy gets in on the action at what looks to be like a resort! We […]

I love kids, because they don’t care who’s watching. They are naturals at letting the music move them, and they just go for it! They aren’t worried about the risks of what others will think. As adults we get caught in what others are going to think about us, and […]